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Committed to Automotive Recycling

Auto Accident A very important aspect of our business and our auto industry is the dedication to sustaining a clean and green environment. One way to do that is with automotive recycling. Precision Auto Parts supports the reuse of components, which lessens damage and pollution for future generations. By recycling vehicle parts and properly disposing of batteries, oil, fuel, and antifreeze, recyclers like us remove pollutants from the air and the environment. Statistics from the Automobile Recyclers Association indicate that recycling saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil per year that would have been spent on the manufacturing of new parts and saves enough steel to produce almost 13 million new vehicles.

Our Partners

Recycling is the right choice for your wallet and the world. We are proud to be part of three local and international groups that share our belief in a greener, more sustainable approach to our industry. Learn more about our auto part recycling affiliates:

The United Recyclers Group, originally founded by three auto recyclers, wants to help the environment by getting to the auto marketplace an inventory management system specifically designed by auto recyclers. This can help auto recyclers have better control of overused auto parts.

United Recyclers Group 

The Automotive Recycling Association is represented in 12 international countries, with the aim of helping the environment and educating about both the waste and reuse of used auto parts.

Automotive Recyclers Association
The Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association is a state association for auto recyclers. It helps Arizona residents and businesses know about the importance of buying and reusing auto parts. AARA