The History of Precision Auto Parts

Precision Auto Parts opened its doors in 1954 as Precision Auto Service and began pumping gas as a filling station and auto mechanical repair facility. Our body shop division encompassed auto body repair, a frame machine, and auto painting. Throughout the years, our family business also included a division of steam cleaning of industrial equipment, large storage tanks, restaurants, airports, and numerous other businesses. We later incorporated a fleet of tow trucks to bring in accident recovery vehicles for the Phoenix Police Department, which shortly thereafter fostered the beginning of Precision Auto Parts, transitioning us into the business we are today, an automobile recycling facility, providing customers with recycled, guaranteed auto parts to meet their every need.

Historic Photograph of Shop

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Bob and John grew up repairing, painting, and dismantling cars. Our transition was gradual and steady, always maintaining a good reputation for honesty, customer service, and dependability. We continue to serve the community with the consistent patronage of long-time valued customers and with gratitude for loyal new customers.

We have been a family-owned business since 1954. Our parents, Juan and Mary de la Torre, were the founders of the company. Mary handled the administrative duties and Juan performed the physical and mechanical tasks. Juan was golden glove champion of the 1st Calvary Division prior to his deployment to the South Pacific in World War II as a front-line infantry scout. During a beach landing on the island of Latie in the Philippines, he was shot and wounded; penetrating both legs, and subsequently awarded the Purple Heart. Unfortunately, due to the severity of his wounds, he was unable to continue his boxing career. With the G.I. bill, Juan enrolled at Phoenix Technical School and acquired auto repair skills. With Juan and Mary's belief in the American dream, coupled with their tenacity and natural intuitive business sense, they became successful entrepreneurs.

Bob and John have continued to work in the business since its inception. Bob has a degree in auto mechanics from ASU and served in the Air Force as an air traffic controller. John received a wrestling scholarship to Phoenix College, and then in 1971, he served in the 101st Airborne Division as an infantry 60 machine gunner in I Corp, Vietnam. With the G.I. bill, he obtained a degree in Business Administration from ASU and a master's degree in Economics from the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

Both Bob and John currently manage and supervise the operation of the business, along with Olivia, John's wife, who manages the administrative functions. The company has been owned and operated by family members since 1954. During the many years, we have all been working side by side to provide our loyal and new customers with the best quality parts and service available. We currently have several family members and several long-time staff members working daily to achieve that goal.

Old Car Being Filled with Gas

Our parents believed and instilled in us our work ethic and that anything is possible in the U.S.A.

We Are Proud to Be An American!